waterproofing service provider


DMC is a water based dispersion of high non re-emulsion elastrometric, high solids multipurpose acrylic and versatile polymers in a special formulation designed for improving bonding. Waterproofing of concrete and strength of all commonly used mortars. It is high quality saponification resistant liquid which improves physical properties of cement and resistant to ultraviolet degradation, heat and most common chemicals.

Technical Specification of DMC :

APPEARANCE Milky white emulsion
Solids% (at105’for 3 hrs) 47+_1
Viscosity,cPs (RVT#1/20rpm/30’C) 250-650
Average particle size (in iu by spectronic-20) 0.2-0.4
Film properties (100 micron film on glass plate) Clear, without grits
Compatibility with cement good Compatible
Brush ability Brush able
Shelf life 6 months