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KCT-3300 X

KCT-3300 X is self adhesive bituminous waterproofing membrane self-protected with a cross-laminated HDPE film. It consists of a self adhesive bituminous compound that remains adhesive even at low temperatures.

The cross-laminated high density polyethylene film gives the membrane characteristics of dimensional stability and ensures uniform reaction to elongation stresses in a longitudinal and transversal direction.

This membrane has been studied and developed for the specific waterproofing of vertical walls, foundations and basements and all applications where there is required fast techniques that ensures secure results with contained costs

Technical SPECIFICATION OF KCT - 3300 X :

Thickness 1.3 mm EN 1849-1
Tensile Strenght Long.215N/50mm Trans.220 N/50mm EN 12311-1
Elongation at Break Long.324.0%
Trans .238.0%
EN 12311-1
Impact Resistance Met.A-500 mm
Met.B 1000 mm
EN 12691
Static Load Resistance Met.A 10Kg
Met.B 15 Kg
EN 12730
Tear Resistance Long. 125 N
Trans. 65 N
EN 12310-1
Impermeability ≥ 60 Kpa EN 1928
Vapour Transmission Rate 90000 µ EN 1931
Water Absorption 0.09% ASTM D 570
Hydrostatic Test > 6bar (24 hrs) DIN 52123
  No leakage at 3 bar for 1hr DIN 16935
Permeability to Radon Gas 5.7 x 10 m²/s SP Swedish Nat.Testing & research institute.
Permeability to Methane Gas < 5 cc/m² x 24h xatm CSI Method
Application Temperature + 5° C /45° C  
Service Temperature -40°C / +80°C